What To Do

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The Dominican Republic is literally blessed. A variety of things to do and keep you entertained that rivals any other island in the Caribbean and Latin America. By its geographic topography the D.R. offers an array of activities that will satisfy everyone’s desires from the professional relaxer to the thrill seeking adventurous type. Our friends, family and staff all seem to agree when asked: what is it about the D.R. that you enjoy the most? Their answers always seem to coincide: It’s the availability of things to do and the never ending new discoveries to be found. On a personal note for me and my family when asked the same question our answer never changes... It's the Dominican People! While all Caribbean Islands offer beautiful scenery and wonderful beaches the seasoned nomad knows, that will wear off as time on island increases. This is noticeably amplified if permanent residency is the choice made to “Discover Your Destination” While living in the D.R. you will never have to be concerned about the famous term “Island Crazy” having any effects on you or anyone in the family. 

The major cities of Santo Domingo and Santiago offering everything from the latest fashions and top shelf culinary experiences to nightlife that rivals any North American or European city you can think of. Shopping hustle bustle and all the excitement you could ever dream of await you in these locations.

The D.R .also offers the complete other side of the spectrum for those who want to kick back and relax. Towns that literally would call 5 motorcycles and one S.U.V. gridlock. That’s the beauty of the D.R. The D.R. also features everything in-between from small to medium size towns and cities each with their own entertainment and unique cultures.

White water rafting,  whale watching, scuba diving, cave dwelling, fresh water cave diving, horseback riding, mountain climbing, nature walking, go-Karts, nature tours just scratch the surface. Another great thing about the D.R. not only is “Real Estate” a great value so is everything else. Comparing to the better known Caribbean Islands restaurants, tours and getting around is just a fraction of the cost. Really want to “Discover Your Destination” then we’ll see you soon. Listed below are several good links for activities, although there are thousands more to choose from. As always we’re here for your questions or concerns: