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Considering relocating to the Dominican Republic? While the D.R. is one of the most pragmatic countries to settle in and obtain residency the savvy individual still wants to have all their cards in order, (pardon the pun) While we at “Discover Your Destination” are here to assist you through every step and process answering all your questions and concerns we do however realize it would be virtually impossible for a “Real Estate Company” to be current on all aspects of statistical information. Entities just seem to change daily everywhere in the world. Currency rates, local news, laws, immigration and the business climate are just to name a few. Discover Your Destination has a long well deserved prestigious reputation for being top shelf in the areas of technology, service and total customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that all the information in the world is absolutely insignificant if it’s not current and up to daily revision when necessary. It is with this in mind why we’ve decided to provide you, our customers and friends with the best links to the most up to the minute websites in the entire country. Websites pertaining to what is and what are no longer valid, articles on how and why it changed and most important how does it affect you and you’re family. All of these links are updated daily with full time staff and technicians ready to handle the tremendous task of keeping you “In the Loop”. You will be up to the minute on all the latest breaking news, developments, and current events in the country. This allows us to stay focused on the service we do best, Your Real Estate requirements and allowing you to “Discover Your Destination” Just click on any of the links below for a wealth of current information: “Official Website of the Dominican Republic” The highest ranking information website in the Dominican Republic. The Official Internet portal of the Dominican Republic Guzman Ariza Attorneys at Law: Exceptional reputation in the areas of Real Estate, Immigration Services, Insurance and all aspects of Dominican Law. American Embassy In The Dominican Republic   Embassy Of The Dominican Republic, U.K. Canadian Embassy In Dominican Republic German Embassy In The Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Residency Guide