Project Management

Congratulations!!! You have decided to make the Dominican Republic your home or at least your home away from home. All the excitement and anticipation of winter vacationing or perhaps even starting a new life have been overwhelming. By now it should be settling in and you’re ready to start focusing on, how will I put this all together? Can it be done without several expensive trips to the D.R.? Who can I depend on to look over the project and keep us up to date and in the loop. Suggestions, ideas and information to aid us in our decisions to achieve the best possible dwelling for the dollars invested. “RELAX we’re here to assist in any way to achieve total satisfaction, by providing professional grade service before and most important after the initial purchase. Being part of your project from conception to the final punch out list is an exciting part of our business. We realize and are extremely grateful for the trust you have placed in our abilities to “Discover Your Destination” and assure you that it will be a decision you will never regret making.

While there are several project managers available and we will be happy to forward their names and contact information if desired the professionals at “Discover Your Destination” will be pleased to discuss handling all the details for your project from start to completion. While we are not licensed contractors our staff does have a thorough understanding of how the building process works in the D.R. We will be providing: ideas, suggestions, J-PEGS, video’s and follow up on basis that will sure to please anyone. Providing you with a feeling of inner peace knowing things are under control and being looked after is a comfort that goes beyond words when you’re located thousands of miles away.

Last but certainly not lease is price for services rendered. One should expect to pay anywhere from 4 to 6 percent for a project management service. Similar to Real Estate, services and products are negotiable however be advised as it’s no different in the D.R. as abroad “you get what you pay for”. We truly hope you gained some useful points on how project management works in the D.R. and provided you with some serious consideration when you “Discover Your Destination”