Medical Information

Great Doctors and Health Insurance Providers

Although most people would not think countries like the Dominican Republic would have reasonable medical care and facilities. In fact you might be pleasantly surprised. The larger urbanized centers such as the capitol Santo Domingo and our second largest city Santiago have multiple centers equipped to handle almost anything the can happen. Many of the country’s leading medical professionals have been trained or educated in well-respected areas such as America, Canada and India which hosts some of the most sought after hi tech hospitals in the world.

As you will notice once away from urbanized areas the country shifts abruptly to a sparsely populated series of small service or farm towns spread all throughout the country. These towns supply more of a local Doctor small clinic type of service. Our personal experience has been very positive for the minor situations encountered.

It is our recommendation for tourists to inquire if their coverage at home includes traveling to the Dominican Republic. If not consider taking out travel insurance before taking your holiday.  Expats residing here for the greater part of the year or full time should consider obtaining a private health insurance policy.  Coming from the U.S. Canada or Europe? You will be surprised at how affordable coverage is in the Dominican Republic. For reference only listed below is the contact information for some of the areas clinics and health insurance providers. We encourage you to inquire several more on you own but this serves as an excellent starting point.  We’ve also included some contact information of larger towns and small cities as they do have some state of the art medical services. These would be as far as 1.5 hours’ drive time from Cabrera:

Cabrera: Dr. Virgilio Garcia, Calle Duarte, tel: (809) 589-7188 and (809) 589-7267.

Río San Juan: Dr. Desiderio Acosta, Autopista Río San Juan-Gaspar Hernandez, tel: (809) 589-2347 and (809) 589-2900

Nagua: Dr. Antonio Yapor Hedde, Autopista Nagua-San Francisco de Macoris, tel: (809) 584-2296

Puerto Plata: Centro Médico Bournigal, Antera Mota Street, Puerto Plata.

Tel: (809) 586-2342 and (809) 586-4140
Fax: (809) 586-6104


1. Centro Medico (Emergency Hospital) Tel: (809) 571-4696

2. Servi-Med Tel: (809) 571-2903 Emergency clinic


Health Insurance Providers:

1.   Franco, Acra & Associates: tel: (809) 535-1655 Receptionist Mirsa Ozuna

2.   Ros & Associates: tel: (809) 567-1021 and (809) 562-4556  ask for Carlos Ros