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The Dominican Republic is one of the easiest countries to get around. Since the vast improvement of the infrastructure along with its new roads the worries of daytime travel have been eliminated. At night it is advisable to take considerable caution since the existence of street lights are very limited. Several cars and scooters have no lights or some that are malfunctioning at best. Since the anticipated growth in our area is so positive there is currently under construction a new connecting link to Samana that will run from Nagua. This will be lined with shops and new businesses. When asking for any directions the locals will be more than pleased to offer assistance. Listed below are some good maps and by far the best possible map is Google Earth. Please don’t forget to add Dominican Republic after any city you’re searching for or you may find yourself looking in Spain as several cities and towns have the same name, (EX. Cabrera) One more bit of useful information, you will find the main road connecting all cities and towns on the North Coast is HIGHWAY 5. If asking for any directions both the locals and Expats will use the name” La Carretera” which simply means “The Road” in English. We suggest you look at Google Earth and “Mouse over and Drag” all along La Carretera. Search out and have fun finding some of the important supply centers. Sosua, Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Nagua and Rio San Juan are just to name a few. Many of us tend to go into Santiago for major supplies. They feature stores like Price Smart that is very similar to Cosco or Sam’s Club in America. There are superb International Grocery Stores in both Sousa and Santiago that will feature almost anything you would crave. By far the larger of the two is located in Santiago.  Google Earth Download the free version. Absolutely the best mapping available for any country.  Google Map Dominican Republic. You can zoom in or out, locate any roads, towns, points of interest and a wealth of other information. Just type in Dominican Republic and hit the search key.   Instantly measure distance from any two points in the Dominican Republic. Will provide straight line distance road distance along with travel time to destination.