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The latest and greatest from some of the Dominican Republic's top news publications

The Dominican Republic has a vast supply of daily/weekly newspapers and news releases. The print and online media is second to none. They stem from all parts of the country and keeping you in the loop weather you’re language of choice is Spanish, English, German, French or a multitude of others is an easy task to accomplish. We have selected several of the most common online newspaper sites for your information and enjoyment. As always the professionals at “Discover Your Destination” are always eager to answer any questions or concerns. If you have an inkling for a bit more of an answer to anything you’ve come across we would be delighted to lend our expertise. If we don’t happen to have the answer to your inquiry we would be happy to research it and get back to you in a reasonable amount of time. Customer service begins with customer inquiries. Please enjoy these sites as there is a wealth of information in the links below: Enews Dominican Costa Verde (Green Coast) Several Newspapers in both Spanish and English Colonial Zone Complease list of North Coast Newspapers and links