Investing in the Dominican Republic

Thinking about making an investment here? Read below!

The Caribbean along with its beautiful scenery and balmy climate has long been a favorite destination for both the investor and tourist. Geographically the Dominican Republic is positioned perfectly to attract a variety of investor portfolios. Minimal flying times and numerous flights from literally every location around the world have made the D.R. one of the most sought after locations for investors to plant their seeds.  Even with the ailing economy in America and Europe the D.R. has maintained strong growth over the past three years with an average hovering around 22%. With the political uncertainty in both continents and the devaluing of currencies many proactive investors are looking for safe alternative places to invest. It has become apparent to us that many are just searching for a safe location as a second home, but outside the continent they are currently residing it. Listed below are a few of the many positive facts that pertain to our area along the North Coast. Feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to discuss possible options for your personal portfolio.   

  1. Economically and politically the D.R. is considered to be one of the most stable countries in the entire Caribbean.
  2. Affordable Real Estate along with new infrastructure of roads and utilities has caused the D.R. to be the fastest growing island in the Caribbean of recent years.
  3. There are now four international airports that are an easy enjoyable drive to the North Coast. The closest being 35minutes away. 
  4. Some of the world’s most respected companies and investment firms have recently spent billions of dollars in the North Coast. Several more billions have recently been committed.
  5. Donald Trump, Hilton, Westin and the Ritz Carlton are just too name a few.
  6. Co-owner of Google, several other hi profile individuals from Canada, U.S. and Europe have recently constructed large villas or mansions in our area of the North Coast. 
  7. Being a long time self-supplying farming community has allowed us to virtually miss the Real Estate bubble and more importantly the following collapse of the economy. 
  8. President Fernandez has stated several times that our area of the North Coast will soon be known as the Monte Carlo of the Caribbean. 
  9. Almost all Real Estate analysts concur, Real Estate values on the North Coast of the D.R. will continue its current trend of growth and show no sign of weakening well into the next generation.
  10. Golf Digest Magazine has labeled the Playa Grande Golf Course the “Pebble Beach of the Caribbean” and ranking it one of the ten best courses in the world. 
  11. There are several planned new projects for the immediate area.  One such project is Aman Resorts along with Dolphin Capitol have made tentative agreements in Playa Grande for another major Resort commencing soon into the future.