Cabrera Real Estate

Located along the gorgeous North Coast of the Dominican Republic, Cabrera real estate offers a great place to live, play, and enjoy the bliss that is life in the Caribbean. Unlike many of the other towns located along the coastline, Cabrera is still largely untouched by tourism, offering a way to explore the Dominican Republic in all its natural and local splendor.

A population of just under 40,000 keeps the town small, and agriculture is the way of life for many residents. Cattle farms and coconut groves provide a boost to the local economy and also allow the backdrop to remain open, beautiful, and free from the industry and commercial growth found in many other Dominican Republic towns.

Life and Luxury in Cabrera

If we could use one phrase to describe the setting in which so many Cabrera homes for sale are located, it would be “Natural Beauty.” With the Atlantic Ocean to the north and exotic vegetation and natural reserve areas all around, this is a place where you can lay on a luxurious beach one day and hike along lush, overgrown riverfront property the next. And this part of the ocean is known for its playful, frolicking waves, which means that it is ideal for windsurfing, body surfing, and other water sports for the adventurous spirit.

Other nearby activities include the Playa Grande Golf Course, with gorgeous golf holes overlooking the ocean and along the cliffs, as well as town-hopping, which is easy to do along the coastal highway, providing you with an insider's look at life in this incredible community.

Cabrera real estate is centrally located to offer you the best that the Dominican Republic's North Coast has to offer. In addition to the small town atmosphere right in the middle of town, it is just a short drive to the Playa Grande, which is recognized around the world as one of the most beautiful beaches, as well as other local beaches like Playa Preciosa, El Diamante, and El Caleton de Dario.

Your New Cabrera Home

Color is everywhere when you own a Dominican Republic home. Crystal azure waters, lush green mountains in the distance, and the white and pink soil filled with rich minerals all combine to provide a true tropical oasis. The natural flora and fauna also contribute, with a musical songbird backdrop, fields of natural and agricultural flowers, and the migration path of whales that offer great whale-watching opportunities.

The best part about living here is that you can choose from a variety of Cabrera homes for sale that tap into the brilliant colors and this incredible Caribbean community unlike any other. Whether you want a quaint home in a picturesque setting or a luxury building with your own private view, there is something here to suit every lifestyle and budget. Adventure and amazing opportunity await just outside every doorstep—no matter how big or how small.

Find Your New Cabrera Home Today

Located in Cabrera along the beautiful North Coast, "Discover Your Destination" is proud to call the Dominican Republic's lush beauty our own. We can find you a new construction home right here in Cabrera, or branch out further throughout the country, finding just the right balance of beach, tropical splendor, and privacy.

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