Some of the cleanest, most beautiful beaches the Dominican Republic has to offer!

“Discover Your Destination” is proud to be located on one of the most beautiful and sought after areas of the world. These are some of the popular beaches in our area of expertise. Although there are several less popular beaches scattered all along the coast it would literally take years to discover them all. The beaches below are listed from east to west, starting southeast of Cabrera and traveling west along the coast to Montecristi.

While breathtakingly scenic and pleasant enough for spending an idyllic day on the sands, many of the beaches from Cabrera to Río San Juan are also known for powerful riptides, inexperienced swimmers should be careful and children should be watched closely. Playa Diamanté is just perfect for the families with small children as there are literally no currents and shallow waters prevail for hundreds of feet out. Except where indicated, the beach entrances are well marked and accessible from coastal Highway 5. Highway 5 is more commonly known as “La Carretera” which means the road in English.

Playa La Boca


This long, narrow, often nearly deserted strip of sand about seven miles south of Cabrera is characterized by an abandoned village to one side and a picture-perfect island so close to shore that it’s within swimming distance. Unless you’re a very strong swimmer, though, don’t be tempted by its idyllic allure – the waters here are unprotected and not always safe. The town of La Entrada, just to the north of the beach, has a few eating places.

Playa Diamante


About two miles north of Playa Entrada and a few miles south of Cabrera, scenic Playa Diamante is one of the few beaches in the Cabrera area where you can swim without fear of undertow. Its calm, quiet, very shallow waters extend well out from shore, and you can even let kids go wading there, as long as they don’t stray too far out. The sandy beach faces east, so it gets good morning sun. The unpaved access road is not well marked, however, so stop at one of the colmadones along the road to ask exact directions.

Playa Breton


This beach near Abreu-Breton west of Cabrera is characterized by white cliffs rising high above crashing surf, which makes for great scenery and risky swimming.

Playa Preciosa


A lovely, secluded strip of beach at the headland of Parque Nacional Cabo Frances Viejo, Playa Preciosa is popular with surfers and other water-loving thrill seekers. But the undercurrent is particularly strong here, so inexperienced swimmers should be very careful. It’s located just east of famous Playa Grande.

Playa Grande


Located a few miles east of Río San Juan, 1½-mile-long Playa Grande is one of the longest white-sand beaches on the north coast, and known as one of the most beautiful on the entire island. There are food and cerveza (Beer) stands that draw big crowds on Sundays, and good surfing here in winter; waves can get high. Many post cards, magazines and travel brochures feature several scenic pictures from the shores of Playa Grande Beach.

Playa Caleton 


About two miles east of Río San Juan, 500-foot-long Playa Caleton offers shallow waters and a protected cove – a safe swimming area for children – which is unusual in this area. It also has very clear waters for snorkeling. Sandy and pretty, with white sand and framed by big rocks, it’s a popular spot, particularly on weekends, when locals hawk fried fish and inexpensive Dominican food.

Playa Río San Juan 


Though located in the front and center of the town of Río San Juan, this small strip of beach is usually deserted since Playa Caleton, Playa Grande, and other better choices lie nearby to the east.